Your Filter Trio

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Shield your skin against UV, blue light, pores and Maskne while looking flawless with Your Filter Trio.

This bundle includes the new Serum UV Moisturizer, French Pine Bark Serum and Serum Glow Filter.

Your Invisible Shield, Serum UV Moisturizer is a smart blend of physical and chemical sunscreen agents that leaves no white cast, providing a broad UVA-UVB preotection, boasting SPF 50+ PA+++ protection. Its unique light weight milky texture acts as a moisturizer as well, including super hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost. This bundle also includes super antioxidant French Pine Bark Serum to shield against the skin from oxidative stress and blue light. As the last step of your skincare and first step of your makeup routine, this bundle includes your Selfie Filter in Real Life, Serum Glow Filter, which provides a lit-from-within glow.

Serum UV Moisturizer

Containing three of Skin Inc’s hero serums, Licorice, Hyaluronic and Niacinamide, this UV moisturizer not only protects the skin from UV exposure, it also nourishes it. 
It contains antioxidants (Vitamin E) and physical filters to shield against chronic blue light exposure. Niacinamide to tackle maskne and pores, and also contains Licorice and Cica to soothe the skin. 
Its light-as-a-feather milky texture does not compromise on hydration as it is packed with super hyaluronic acid, consisting super hyaluronic that lock in moisture better while protecting the skin. 
All of these benefits delivered with a delightfully relaxing lavender scent. 

French Pine Bark Serum

Extracted from the bark of French coastal pine, this super anti-oxidant is 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E. 

Serum Glow Filter

Gold Hibiscus Extract (Comprising 64% of the product) 
Harvested in Korea, this rare Gold Hibiscus, which only blooms from April to August, is sourced from a trusted partner for guaranteed quality. 
Gold Hibiscus Extract keeps skin hydrated by forming a protective moisturizing membrane on the skin, preventing moisture loss and providing lasting and intense hydration, giving a smooth and dewy finish. 
Contains Fibroblast Cell Growth Factor that helps to lift the skin, resulting in reduced lines and wrinkles. 
Powered by Flavonoid - a powerful antioxidant, that soothes and helps our skin combat against environmental stress and free radicals. 

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)  

Manages temperamental and troubled skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of pores. Improves uneven skin tone. Helps to reduce the look of spots and balance visible shine. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid attracts and fortifies the skin’s natural barriers to help hold on to moisture which allows skin to be more hydrated and plumped. (It is known for its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water!) 
Revitalizes skin’s outer surface layers for a smoother and radiantly hydrated finish. This instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Apply 3 to 5 drops of French Pine Bark Serum on your face and neck, followed by applying the Serum UV Moisturizer evenly to face and neck before make up and sun exposure. Reapply if needed.

Lastly, use 1-2 pumps of Serum Glow Filter alone for a natural, healthy glow or mix it with a foundation for a dewy, brightening effect with more coverage. This should be used in the morning as the last step in your skincare routine, and the first step in your makeup routine.

70.6% of Skin Identity Checks face 6 or more hours of screen time a day. 

23.7% face 4-6 hours and only 5.7% face less than 3 hours of screen time.

90% of Skin Aging is caused by exposure to UV.

UVA rays penetrate through windows and you may still be exposed to it indoors.

Is sunscreen bad for acne?

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen doesn't cause acne but instead it benefits to wear sun screen on all skin types, especially acne-prone skin! This is to reduce further inflammation and pigmentation of acne scars that can be caused by strong UV rays. UV rays are the main cause of pigmentation as UV rays increases melanin production, causing cells to darken. Getting burned too many times can also leave you with premature lines and wrinkles, and increase your risk for skin cancer. You want to protect your skin when you're outside in the sun, no matter what skin type you have. 

Is physical or chemical sunscreen better for acne?

A physical sunscreen is often heavier and thicker on the skin than a chemical sunscreen with the same SPF. Therefore, physical sunscreens might not be the best choice for oily or acne-prone skins. Mineral actives alone often offer less protection from damaging UVA radiation than chemical filters. The best solution to both the downsides is to have a combination of both physical and chemical sunscreen agents in a lightweight, milky, non-sticky formula that provides broad UVA-UVB protection. 

What kind of sunscreen should people who have cystic acne look for? What should they avoid?

Look for matte formulas if you have oily skin, but drier skin types can also have cystic acne, so those with dry skin should look for an SPF with hydrating properties. As a general rule of thumb, your skin should feel moisturized but not greasy after applying SPF.

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