Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit

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Your 360 Body Workout Reinvented.
Glow. Lift. Smooth. NASA-Inspired.

Supercharge with Body Sculpt Fit Serum to reinvent your at-home body workout.

Download your instruction manual here

When using the device for the first time after the purchase, use it after charging it for at least one hour. To power the device, hold down the power/mode button for a second to turn on/off the power. Press the button once shortly to display the battery level. Each mode of the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit can be used for up to 5 minutes per application, before it goes into stand-by mode.


Color of charging/status indicator and beep sound for each mode:

White LED (with a beep sound): Preheating stage of the WARM mode
White LED: The WARM mode is in operation
Green LED: The GLOW mode is in operation
Red LED (with a beep sound): Preheating stage of the LIFT mode
Red LED: The LIFT mode is in operation
Red and Blue LEDs flashing alternately: The SMOOTH mode is in operation


How to use each mode
Each time the mode button is pressed, the mode indicator flashes to the right to start the corresponding mode. When using the device, make sure to insert your finger into the ion terminal located on the top of the device.

How to use in standby mode
When the operation of each mode is completed, the mode indicator flashes after a short beep sound and the device goes into the standby mode. The standby mode lasts for about 2 minutes and the power turns off automatically when the standby mode ends. To move on to the next mode, press the button briefly once during the standby mode to start the next mode.

After applying Body Sculpt Fit Serum evenly onto desired parts of your body, switch on the Tri-Light™ Body Sculpt Fit and make direct contact with skin. Use a gentle motion to massage the area (circular clockwise, upwards or outwards  - depending on the area being massaged and the different modes chosen).

When the battery is low, the charging/status indicator flashes in red for 5 seconds with a beep sound and then the power is turned off with a 'beep-beep' sound. To clean the device, hold down the switch to turn off the power and thoroughly wipe off any skincare remaining on the metal head with a cloth or cotton pad. Do not submerge the device in water or wash it under running water.

1. How often can I use Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit?

- The Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit device is safe for daily use for all its treatment modes.


2. How fast can I see the results after using the device with the serum?

- The duration to observe visible results varies for each individual and depends on the treatment mode used. In general, glow and lifting results may be observed in 28 days from using the Glow and Lift mode,  smooth skin from acne in 3-5 days from using the Smooth mode, and soothing effects after the first use of the Warm mode. Skin will also feel hydrated immediately after using the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit.


3. How long should I use Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit on each part of the body? (Stomach, thighs, arms area)

- 5 mins per treatment mode.


4. Can I use all 4 customization treatment at one usage?

- Yes


5. Why do I don’t feel anything when using the microcurrent, is that normal?

- Yes, that is normal. The microcurrent works at a sub-sensory level where it sends a small amount of electricity into the deeper skin layer for the treatment to take place. This means most people will not feel anything during the treatment. We caution against using the device on people with metal implants.


6. By using Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit, will it help me to burn fats?

- No, the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit will not help you burn fats but it will help to tone your skin up and reduce puffiness.


7. How do I know if is time to charge my Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit?

- Your Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit needs charging when an orange or red light appears on the handle upon pressing the device button.  


8. Can I use Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit after an intense workout?

- Yes, you can. Using the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit after an intense workout in Warm of Lift mode helps to relax your muscles.  


9. Can I shower right away after using Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit?

- Yes, you can. However, it is not necessary to do so.


10. I don’t see any firming or lifting after using Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit persistently?

- Similar to a skincare routine, consistent use of the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit is required for visible results. Lifting and firming results require new collagen to build up and this process takes about 1-2 months on average.


11. How is Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit different from other body home devices?

- Manufactured with premium quality material, the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit is convenient and easy-to-use as it harnessses a combination of 6 technologies in 4 different modes all in one single device.


12. I have a Trilight™ Voyage Optimizer - can I use it for my body instead - does it serve the same functions?

- Yes, you can use the Trilight™ Voyage Optimizer on your body. However, the functions and effects are different from the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit which includes 4 different modes - Warm, Glow, Lift and Smooth modes.


13. What is the warranty period for this product and how do I register for warranty?

- The warranty period is 12 months. Please refer to the user manual for more information on the registration process.


14. I am a current Skin Inc customer, can I use my MDD/Serum/ Booster with the device to improve the results?

- You can use your Skin Inc booster serum shots or serums in combination with the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit, or mix your booster shots with the body serum to enhance the overall results.


16. What is the lifespan of this device?

- The Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit has a lifespan of 3000 treatments.


17. Can I use this device on my face?

- You can use on your body but the functions and effects are different from the Trilight optimizer.


18.How often should I use the device for optimum results?

- Consistently using the Trilight™ Body Sculpt Fit daily will help you achieve optimum results.

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